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03-17-2012, 03:48 PM
Tanner:: Right, yeah. The whole team over there at Cryptic has done a wonderful job. Um, the Ö letís see here, looking through the questions here, uh, got some questions that were submitted by some of the listeners here. The first question here is what are the long term plans for the Romulan and/or Cardassian factions? In Ask Cryptic it was mentioned that it was being worked on, so what kind of hurdles are involved with bringing this to fruition?
Dan:: <scrambled> Well, thatís sort of a misperception. I donít think I ever said that weíre working on Romulan or Caradassian factions. I did say that we would love to do them and what do we need to do in order for us to start working on Romulan and Cardassian factions. So, those are the questions there at the top of my mind and one of the things, reasons why Iím back in this role is I really think we need to get to a point where, you know, thereís a lot of Romulan and Cardassian fans out there, Iíd love for them to have their own faction and for that matter, that adds to the Klingon faction, what are we doing about the Klingon faction. In terms of long term plans, I think the long, long term plan is that there are four factions and that thereís Federation, thereís the Klingons, thereís the Romulans and thereís the Cardassians. And maybe even more than that. But we need to make sure that faction gameplay is fun, that thereís a reason to play other factions and that the factions have enough gameplay and fun gameplay to justify you wanting to <scrambled> The biggest questions I have in my mind is when you roll a Klingon is the experience enough that you feel like youíre creating a different character and thatís really the ultimate test in my mind as to whether or not that factionís viable. Does that faction have any conflict with the other factions? In our game itís a little bit of both, right? Thereís a little bit of faction gameplay in PvP, then we also let you team up. Itís, thereís a lot of oddities to how weíve done factions and how factions have evolved in Star Trek Online. So before we start working on Romulan and Cardassian factions we definitely have to solve this question and come up with the right answer. And it is something Iím working on, Iím just not gonna talk about how specifically weíre gonna get there because thereís a lot of ifs and buts in there and I donít want to, uh, I donít want someone to say but youíve been working on Kling- on Cardassians since you did that interview and Iím, we havenít started working on it yet.
Tanner:: Right. So, thank you for clearing that up. Um, the, another thing, another question that was asked that Iíve actually seen and been keeping track of a forum post on the Star Trek Online Forums was talk of making more usefulness of the bridge of the ship interior. The one post I had seen was talking about making it possible to travel from system to system while on your bridge. Iím assuming that might be one of the things theyíre talking about with the question. So, the question is, are there any plans to add more usefulness or interactivity to the bridge, the ship interior like being able to use the viewscreen to show game specs of ships, adding poker to the mess hall, Star Trek chess, holodeck games?
Dan:: Sure. Thatís a great, thereís a lot of great ideas there like doing the chess and the holodeck and the poker. In fact I think weíve been talking about this for a long time as these being great ideas. Even the idea of travelling across the galaxy <scrambled> For those who might be new to the game Iíve been answering that question since beta. So, in terms of what are the plans, there are no plans at this time to add anything to your bridge and ship interiors because we would like to change how your interiors work. Another problem I donít like how bridges and ship interiors were made is A; you canít customise them other than the trophy room and B: We canít make content in them. Like for example, you make your starship interior look like, you know, configuration X and someone else makes their starship interior look like configuration Y, itís very challenging for us to make a mission in which someone boards your ship or something happens because we have to tell the enemies where to go and what to do and thereís a lot tech to that. Now, one of the things weíd need to do, weíd sorta reengineer how all of that works so we can get to the ultimate goal of your bridge and ship interiors having functionality. Now that said, weíre absolutely looking at what we can do in the short term to make ship interiors useful. Like, I think weíre super close to being able to do things similar to duty officers system. I would love to be able to go to my engine room and have some duty officers do something in my engine room and have different assignments that are available on my ship. I think that would, thatís a cool thing. I would love to be able to craft on my ship, I would love to be able to have a poker game on my ship. Those are all things we absolutely want to do and some of those things are closer to reality than others, but nothing Iím ready to say Ďyes, thatís comingí yet. But they are all ideas that are out there and weíve been thinking about them for a really long time. The one caveat that I would say is that travelling through the sector from your bridge has been the oldest question that I can think of where Iíve continually said weíre probably not going to get there any time soon if ever. But that <Scrambled> is just to say with the current thinking the idea of travelling through the sector from your bridge, we made the call we wanted you to travel in ship mode so that you can see your ship, you can see other ships and get a sense of where you are in the galaxy.
Tanner:: Right, and one of the other things that I had remembered reading from that forum post about the travelling from the ship interior was the fact that area is all, itís a social zone and youíre effectively bypassing that travelling from your bridge, of which the whole point is socialisation.
Dan:: But who knows? Iíve heard some great proposals over the last two years. One of the ones that I really like is that, is the idea of maybe at some point you can head off on your own on exploration, in which case you donít need there to be a social zone and you can go explore the Gamma Quadrant or something on your own, and maybe in that case it makes sense to be okay to do that.
Tanner:: Right.
Dan:: <scrambled> When youíre on your bridge your on a different space <scrambled> than when youíre in sector. Itís a completely different world. We could make it happen, but itís just not something in the <scrambled> future.
Tanner:: Alright, so you, youíre breaking up a little bit there. So, itís something that you could make happen, but nothing thatís gonna be happening any time soon, is that what youíre saying?
Dan:: Yeah, not the immediate future for travelling from your bridge.
Tanner:: Alright, gotcha. Just wanted to make sure that was clearly said. <laughs>
Dan:: <laughs> It wasnít me fiddling with the cords going ďAh, I think Iím breaking up!Ē
Tanner:: <laughs> Yeah <scrambled> no. Alright, next question on the lsit here is about a chance of maybe some new STFs. The current formatís great, but is there any chance that there could be at least one or two of the old style of STF? Thereís a real sense of accomplishment getting through all of the Cure with the old style. But now some people are feeling that the STFs seem to be a little less rewarding. Is there any possibility of having both styles?
Dan:: Iím really glad someone asked this question because I want to talk a little bit about this. So, the previous STFs, the way - Special Task Forces, thatís what it stands for for someone who may not have heard that before. Special Task Forces are content in the game that was originally designed to be very challenging content for a well co-ordinate group of people to be able to undertake. And it was very difficult and especially with the difficulty slider was almost impossible in some cases to finish without good gear and without good tactics. What we found is not many people played them. Partly because of the challenge, partly because of the rewards, partly because of time involved and you know, youíd get an hour in and if there was a bug or something it would just be frustrating. So, we made the <scrambled> shorter, to break them up into sections, and to add good rewards. Now, I think youíve seen a lot more people playing the STFs than have ever played the STFs because of that. Now, thatís not an excuse to say weíre not gonna do Special Task Forces in the future, but hereís kinda what Iím thinking and how we want to tackle this. We do want to add challenging group-based gameplay, but I think that needs to be for fleets. I think that is something that well-organised groups of people, which are fleets, should be able to undertake challenges that, um, that allow them to progress their fleet or to have a unique challenge that is specifically designed for fleets. I mean, in a sense, thatís kinda what fleet actions were expected to be, you know, fleet actions made for the fleets but fleet actions have sorta become group PUG content. And I can see, I can see something in the future where, maybe in the near future, where we look at making <scrambled> high-level challenging content with good gear progression, with good rewards and maybe even some new enemies for, uh, that might make people reminiscent of the old STFs. But really, part of that is thinking out is this a five man thing, is this a twenty man thing? How many people are we talking about? If this is for fleets, maybe these are twenty man instances. That would be something kinda new for Star Trek to do something that challenging for that amount of time. But maybe thatís where weíre headed <scrambled> talking about guilds and fleets. Maybe thatís the kind of content that Iím looking for. So, stay tuned on that. Itís a definite Ďweíre looking at ití and its something that could be coming as part of season six.