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03-17-2012, 03:50 PM
Tanner: Okay, that would be awesome. Um, I know that, for me, I finally got around to playing the STFs once I hit that Rear Admiral level and once I got into them I canít stop playing them. I just love them myself. So that would be really cool to see come around. I know that the one fleet that I was around for a little while they loved doing group events and thatís something that I can guarantee that they would love. So thatís something to look forward to.
Dan:: Let me add one thing to that. For the person whoís like Iím not in a fleet, I donít want to be in a fleet, well, uh, for those people I think the idea is we want to offer the idea of a public fleet where youíre just sort of loosely, casually tied to other groups of players, maybe thatís one solution Iíve seen in other games, something that weíre considering for Star Trek.
Tanner:: Alright, yeah, um, alright, cool. Letís see here, thatís all for the listener questions and the main part of the question list except for, down at the bottom here, the wonderful question that Iím sure everyone is wanting to know at some point. Whatís a typical day in the office like for you?
Dan:: Well, what is typical? I moved to San Fransisco, Cryptic Studio offices are in <srambled> California which is about, uh, fifty miles from where I live. So my day starts early in the morning, getting in the car and driving down beautiful 280 on the east bay. Or not east bay, the, uh, basically south bay. And itís a beautiful drive first of all, and itís one that I actually enjoy right now, I love living in the city. So, by the time I get to the office Iíve usually listened to a bit of NPR and some radio, maybe checked my email a little bit. By the time I get into the office Iím well ready for the day. First thing we do is we have the production meeting, where myself and the other producers uh, and the other leads, sit down and talk about what the teamís doing that day, talk about any issues weíve had overnight and talk about game <scrambled> that needs to be followed up on immediately. So thatís our first touchpoint of the day. And to be fair, emailís happening 24 hours a day on this team. Any live service, you see, thatís why I was sending emails at one oíclock in the morning last night, itís a 24 hour game. Uh, so weíre constantly working. But once Iím in the office first thing that happens is that we have that production meeting. And then from there really depends on the meeting schedule, whether or not weíre looking at planning, or scheduling or maybe weíre talking about new features. So my dayís a lot of the time filled with meetings and reading lots of emails and responding to issues and trying to quickly answer questions and to make sure that weíre on track with as many things as possible. So, for example, today we were talking about season six, we had a company meeting, we talked a little bit about, you know, how the companyís doing, how Star Trekís doing, how Champion Onlineís doing, <scrambled> coming out they were just doing presentations at GDC, so we had a good sort of day today at talking about that kind of stuff. But, you know, a lot of times Iím walking around looking, checking in with my leads, going in their office, seeing how things are going, seeing if thereís anything I can do to help. And in terms of the rest of the day, thatís kind of what my day is. And thatís the fun of it, you never know from day to day what youíre gonna be doing uh, and if I didnít have my phone with me 24 hours a day, checking my calender, telling me where I need to be next, I wouldnít necessarily, I would get kind of lost. In fact,e very once in a while, I see Jack wandering around, looking at his phone trying to figure out where heís supposed to be. And <laughs> and so its kind of that little thing you know, where at the EP level weíre really trying to be involved in as many thigns as possible. But thereís a great team here, especially the team on Star Trek Online, really proud of this team. You know, thereís a great <scrambled> effort going on day in, day out to making new things. So even today we were talking about season six, we were talking about fleets and starbases and all kinds of crazy stuff, and every once in a while I get a break and get to sit in my office and do a fun interview like this and even during that Iíve got people like Jack and Craig outside my window dancing and trying to make me laugh. So thatís, theyíre doing it right now, itís hilarious.
Tanner:: <laughs> Nice. So, yeah, um, wow, time sure flies. Holy cow. Itís been forty minutes plus so far.
Jahner:: I have one question , though, for you Dan.
Dan:: Sure.
Jahner:: When aCe-
Dan:: This is the mysterious, whoís this? Is this Scott?
Jahner:: This is Jahner
Dan:: Okay. <laughs>
Tanner:: <laughs> Yes, Jahner is in the house as well.
Jahner:: When we interviewed you a while back, itís been a little while, you had said you had a plan to bring VíGer in the game, that was like on thing that you really wanted. So, is that gonna happen?
Dan:: Well that was, was sort of a dream. I really like the story of VíGer, I really do think that there, you know, the Motion Picture is one of my favourite movies and so I really enjoy anything having to do with that. That said, thereís a hint of VíGer in the Borg Red Alerts, and, um, whether or not we ever get to that story is sort of up in the air. I would certainly love to do it. The team would certainly maybe or maybe not like to do it. <laughs> They might be sick of me talking about VíGer. Um, but thereís so many things that we want to get into the game that I canít be selfish and say, you know, letís do VíGer next. Um, I think Iconians and Tholians and other critters are going to get into the game well before VíGer does. But thatís not to say Iím giving up. Iím not giving up. VíGer is out there somewhere and thereís some connection now between VíGer and the Borg and we have to figure out what it is and I want to tell that story, or actually, I want someone to <scrambled> Great question, I love VíGer.
Tanner:: <laughs>
Jahner:: Well I know you had mentioned earlier that its a different game than when you first started and I mean, Iíve been around since closed beta and it is definitely just the difference between night and day. And I mean thatís one thing that we do hear a lot of, is when people come back into the game theyíve said, you know itís been six months, eight months, twelve months since Iíve played, I donít even recognise the game. So I mean, obviously you guys are doing, making a lot of additions and doing the right thing because itís a totally different game, itís a lot better experience and you know, I speak on behalf of most everybody else that even plays, weíre anxious to see what you guys have in store for us.
Dan:: Well, thank you a lot. I really appreciate you saying that, itís going back to the question about, you know, why isnít this feature done yet or why is there still bugs or why is the server crashing, i mean, yes. Itís been a labour and a challenge but itís <scrambled> the game. We have made the game better, and weíre gonna continue to do that. And like I said weíre hiring, had two new people start in the last week, so our team just continues to get bigger and in addition to that weíre also to get resources, you know, Perfect World Studios has armies of people working in their studios in Beijing and elsewhere, so weíre trying to hook up with them. I know that theyíre looking at doing some, what would be called insourcing, I guess, and so thereís all this opportunity and potential for Star Trek Online to get more effort and more energy poured into it than ever there ever has been. And so for me, itís an exciting time for Star Trek because yes, weíve been growing as fast as we can, but weíre gonna start growing even faster. And thatís what Iím looking forward to day in, day out. And what Iím really, I canít wait to see where weíre at in year three because its, weíre gonna have so much fun over the next year. Iím gonna be planning <scrambled> that you didnít even think we were thinking of, and <scrambled> a lot of fun and we can really continue to grow this game and you know, when we have our five year, ten year anniversary, weíll be looking back, kind of like how the five and ten year games are looking back now. Look at, you know, remember how WoW was in its first years, and I play WoW now and its such a different game, you know. Same thing with EVE, same thing with any MMO thatís been out for that long and I really think Star Trekís gonna be one of those games. Itís gonna be one of those MMOs where five, ten years down the road, youíre gonna take for granted everything thatís been added and youíre gonna go wow, this game continues to get bigger and better.