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03-17-2012, 03:51 PM
Jahner:: Awesome. I, Iím anxious to see it. Tanner? You got anything else?
Tanner:: may as well. Iím totally excited to see what you and the team over at Cryptic are capable of over the next years with new coding, new technologies that come out, itís just gonna be amazing, I see it now.
Dan:: Weill I <scrambled> and hereís a self plug here, you know, the team, tomorrowís episode is probably gonna be the craziest thing weíve ever done. It is probably the most effort and the most crazy weíve ever tried to put into one episode. So, uh, if you, if youíre listening to this, then you owe it to yourself to play through the Featured Episode series, the Dominion series, the 2800, play through all the episodes so that youíre ready to go tomorrow because, because itís gonna be a treat, its going to be something completely different, something youíve never done before in the game and, you know, itís just one of those episodes where thereís so many little, little things packed into it that youíre gonna be going oh my gosh I canít believe this is one episode, uh, and hopefully itíll be a lot of fun. Not to oversell it, I mean its just a Featured Episode, Featured Episodes are only really designed to be, you know, thirty minutes or less of content, but man, if this Featured Episode isnít pushing the boundary of that, I donít know what weíve ever done in the past to push boundaries. Uh, and hopefully that doesnít mean <scrambled> just bear with us. Weíre trying to get this episode out of the door and make it as badass as possible. So, you owe it to yourself. Make sure you log in, play this latest episode, finish out the series, find out how the story ends and get your Shard of Possibilities. And uh, really just enjoy all the amazing rewards weíve made for this series. I donít know if you guys saw the blog post but they posted all the rewards that have been given out during this series, there is a ton of rewards guys. I mean thereís more rewards than weíve ever done for anything else. I hope you continue to see that moving forward.
Tanner:: I hope so to. I know Iíve palyed, uh, Iím pretty sure Iíve played every single episode so far uh, and Iíve absolutely loved every single one of them. I think its great, uh, its definitely answered a lot of questions uh, especially with the 2800 returning, uh, totally awesome, I myself definitely canít wait until tomorrow.
Dan:: Iíll see you guys tomorrow morning then. Iíll be online and Iíll be playing it along with you. As long as Iím not, as long as <scrambled>
Tanner:: <laughs> Right. I guess before, uh, I guess before we let you go, was there anything else that you want to add that maybe wasnít a question that was asked that you wanted to mention? Uh, anything at all?
Dan:: I think thatís, thatís <scrambled> for me. I, plugging the 2800 was really what I wanted to say. The teamís just done a phenomenal job you know, weíve got three great content designers here and one great, great writer. Uh, and thanks to the audio team and the environment team. I think youíre really gonna see the labour of love this team has for Star Trek. Not only in this series but in the game in general and this series is just a great way to see just how much people care about Star Trek, how much we care about the story and how much we care about, you know, wrapping up loose ends and letting you know what happened to people and little insider tidbits here and there. It all makes sense and its all good writing and <scrambled> I really hope you enjoy it.
Tanner:: Awesome. Thank you, uh thank you very much, uh Dan for answering all of those questions. Iíd like to thank our listeners for, um, joining us for this wonderful interview and so, uh, yeah. It was great to sit down and have this chat with you uh, and I look forwards to playing tomorrowís featured episode.
Dan:: Thank you, thank you very much. Iím going to go back to dancing in my office.
Tanner:: Alright, take care.
Jahner:: Thanks, Dan.
Dan:: Cheers.
<music plays>