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03-17-2012, 06:18 PM
Originally Posted by Nighthawk4 View Post
I was assuming that:

Tactical Officer = Escort Ships
Engineering Officer = Cruisers
Science Officer = Science Ships

Not sure what effect it has if you cross over between type of Officer and the default ship type.

I also had assumed the Science Officers (and Ships) would be the wimps - it seems not
that assumption is the normal assumption, but, Honestly any ship can be used with any class effectivly, its all about you skill build, boff skill build and weapon/gear build, A good example is the free oddy, I can be just as effective in it as my advanced escort on my tactical, I dont pop like a bop, I dont have low dps, but, i cant use even close to teh same boff skill layout, it takes a total rework of skills and tactics/thinking.

I have seen plenty of eng/sci in cruisers and sci ships that cant even take a sphere solo(kid you not).....i can take 4-6 of them solo in my FE or AE......

I can tank better in an escort.....somethings wrong there.........but, its not surprisng really, so many ppl in this game refuse to read guides or ask advice.....and you get people defending them like its ok to be a useless turd in stf/elite stf (an example) because you cant be bothered to do a bit of reading or asking for suggestions.......