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03-17-2012, 06:33 PM
Originally Posted by Liath
Thanks C1. Yes while i was off looking at the images and making my post (and a cup of coffee to be honest) the images were changed from thumbs to full images.

and i still stand by my request for locations, it may be issues with the OPs install (occasionally graphic files get corrupted) or graphics card settings. If we can get a location a couple of people with different machines can check and see if it is indeed a missing texture that needs fixing.
i can varify the issue on the fed side, i know the OP(on mumble with him now...but hes busy at the moment), hes got a radeon 5770 1gb add drivers are up to date....

i will get you some screenshots from the fed side since your not wanting to believe him and im sure by extension me.....

Location: Karrat (if you would like i could go to ESD and Sherman and DS9 and and and....get you shots at each place with the same issue.)

top of AE, note black tear drop center hull, black areas on nacells

bottom also has missing textures.

saddly its hard to get a good shot of that in karrat(where im mostly afk farming

some ships are more.....missing then others.

for me i have the gfx settings cranked up to max, I have also tried backing them down and it dosnt fix anything, I have had the game check its own files more then a few times, have also had steam check the game more then a few times.

my setup is dual 6870 1gb cards with latest drivers. I have also been told it happens on gtx460/470/480 and 580 cards(have had friends with those cards and more)