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03-17-2012, 08:12 PM
Okay not to sound like an *** but do you people not understand the concept of searching a forum for solutions BEFORE posting a new thread??

There are now atleast 20-30 different threads all with the same exact issue all with the same exact solution. The ATI/AMD 12.2/12.3 drivers are bad, so in order for everything to work properly you have to revert back to 12.1

I'm not trying to single you few out with the first statement, but this is getting ridiculous. Also before anyone else goes submitting a ticket and on a rant rampage to Cryptic how they've "Broken yet another part of the game and I demand you fix it immediately"..THIS IS NOT A CRYPTIC PROBLEM THIS IS A PROBLEM WITH THE NEW ATI/AMD DRIVERS!!.

ATI drivers were never very stable to begin with and obviously when AMD bought ATI they didn't clean house with programmers so the buggy drivers curse continues on.

99.9% of the time the stable driver sets will be the X.0, X.1, X.5, X.0 and right now the only stable driver in the 12.x series is 12.1.

For future reference there is a ATI/AMD graphics issues and solutions thread that I started a few days ago that has the typical issues that come up and their solutions. Hopefully that thread will get sticky status and from now on people will beable to post new errors and solutions there so they're not scattered over 20-30 duplicate threads.

Also, some people have tried doing a system recovery/rollback to the driver that was working for them and apparently 12.2/12.3 doesn't want to die very easily so you're better off just uninstalling the driver and then reinstalling 12.1