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Security Overview: Facility 4028 Stardate: 88183.09

It's been one week since I've returned to Facility 4028, one week since started our investigation of what exactly went wrong. I had three separate teams working over the entire facility. One engineering team (Gamma), one science (Beta), and one of my top officers from various fields (Alpha). I even had Wraith on team Alpha Since he has both an interesting perspective as well as those damn Augment eyes. Plus other than myself, he was the only person I brought into the Facility. It made sense at the time since it was a only supposed to be a routine prisoner transfer and who better to have at your side then a genetically engineered killing machine as Drake "lovingly" refers to him. If not for having him there, I'd have ended up dead rather than just wounded. Those Damn polaron rifles have a kick to them as well as some kind of anticoagulant properties. I would have bled out long before the I.S.I.S. systems came back online.

Team Gamma had the task of going over the physical systems. Checking and rechecking everything from the holo-emitters to the transporters. Even possible access points in each of the escaped prisoner cells. It didn't take long before they turned up several oddities. In the cell of Amar Singh they found a seemingly innocent P.A.D.D. but what stuck out was that it was children rhymes from the Gamma Quadrant. It wasn't until they had found a few stories involving tales of what could have been Changeling's long ago. it was subtle but at the same time there were too many to be coincidence. Small errors in the P.A.D.D. here and there which when further investigated was a simple code, meticulously programmed and easy enough to determine. It was an over ride code. Specifically for safety protocols along the power conduits in the room of the I.S.I.S. mainframe, allowing him to remotely overload them setting off a magnetic pulse which is what took the system off line. From there he could simply muscle the door open and have nothing between him and a shuttle pod.

Next was Team Beta, tasked with going over the area with a fine toothed comb. Using any and all scanning techniques to search for any transporter activity as well as temporal anomalies and even rift or wormholes. There was nothing at first until we got into some of the cells. Taris' was all but clean until Beta team had gone in with the hand scanners. Very faint and almost invisible to our equipment but sure enough there it was. The only real question there was left in Her case was did the Iconians wait for the right moment to strike or did they just chose that moment by chance? It's even posible they supplied Singh with the specific code necissary for his pulse. They could have taken her at any time, beaming through the shields like they werent even there, what possible role did they play in the break out?

Team Alpha was going over any thing and every thing else they could get there hands on. Investigating leads, interrogating the prisoners, and even going over security footage. I had Wraith going over that specifically. He and Singh had a history. Not a long one mind you, but Wraith was instrumental in his capture. After we'd taken too many hits fighting off those deranged Gorn augments and Klingons he'd beamed down to lend a hand. Once we made it to Singh's Lab there was one hell of a fist fight between the two. I must admit, as much as i know and like the kid, there was something terrifying watching two Augments duking it out. The speed, the ferocity, the lab itself was left in shambles in the aftermath. I hadn't seen that expression since we first tested his limits in the holo-simulations. That look of pure cold focused anger... with his Borg like skin and Red on Black eyes, i'd have sworn him to be the devil himself...

But I digress, it was his task to go over the security footage and investigate Signhs disappearance. It was odd, very uncharacteristic that Amar Singh would just give up with out a fight, a rematch even between him and Wraith. He just gave up and walked back to his cell. It was the Medical bay. One of the few people that isn't a hologram was assigned there, luckily off station at the time. After being brought in we were able to find something troubling. Amar had been in the genetic samples. All of them, even the few real staff members. This means that Amar Singh, the augmented genetisist, had access to his means of escape after the break out as well as the genetic samples of the Undine ifiltrator as well as the Female Changling herself. God help us from what ever "enhancments" he might be able to concoct from those two alone. We've had both of them for so long, yet we still know so little about both species. If he can unlock the genetic codes, he could make an almost invulnerable army of shapeshifting, instant healing warriors.

From there we traced his movements to his cell where he used the staff samples to confuse the System into allowing him to casually walk out and take a shuttle to freedom. Then we started piecing it together. The Changling had been transferred just a short time before the incursion. Singh some how knew that she would be coming and even the Warden made a point of needlessly sending us to talk to him. Taris had just disappeared through means known only to the Iconians. There was a link there but we could only assume for the time being. T'Pal, My Vulcan Medical officer, suggested we go further back in Singh's documents. They were all passed through the Warden first, but just like with the code each prior P.A.D.D. was stories too simple for some one like Singh, each one had the same errors. Alpha team took little time decoding them all. It seems the Iconians WERE responsible for Singh's escape. They knew he would pick up on the errors and decode them. They had made him an offer that he couldn't refuse, not with his ego and pride. Had Taris just disappeared it would have been noticed immediately. But instead of offering Singh his freedom they offered him the Changeling. Her D.N.A. sample specifically. Amar knew that they would betray him, so he took the other samples as a Plan B of sorts and just waited for the right moment.

Facility 4028 is a failure. It's supposed strength turned out to be it's biggest weakness. The Iconians had taken over the Warden like it were childsplay. Singh had dissabled everything with the puch of a button. Taris was the prize, but the rest was just ammusement for the Iconians, just a literal show of thier superior tech. Had it been the Klingons all it would have taken were a few well placed tetryon beams. The Borg wouldn't have even bothered with this place. I can understand the need for making certain People "disapear" from records, but putting them in an isolated system with a holodeck in charge was foolish. Leave it to the Science types to think of a prison like this, I'd bet a Ferengi his Moogi that Admiral Janeway's signature was on this one. Recommendations are as follows: Make I.S.I.S. a back up function, activating as extra defense or secondary if the living guards are incapacitated. This facility needs to be relocated to a more secure location, something closer to reinforcements. Had this been the case we wouldn't have lost so many trying to get the Changeling to safety. And finally having secured runabouts ready incase any prisoners escape, that way pursuit will be possible. In the mean time I suggest moving all prisoners until the facility can be refit. Finding Amar Singh should be made top priority as he is the most immediate and preventable threat at the moment.

Computer, end log and transmit