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03-18-2012, 02:54 AM
Originally Posted by carmenara
We actually did roleplay a very realistic and very involving task force operation using politically correct ship to ship communications and 'network centric warfare' implementation.

However you did not keep up with the task force's scheduled rendezvous and flight plan (as a result completely trashing our element of surprise and missing the sensor 'window' to slip behind enemy lines) although your tactical skill with the Galaxy class is excellent once we sorted out several waves of Romulan warships and implemented a smarter tactical protocol than 'point nose towards nearest enemy and engage'.

All very Star Trek and all very akin to authentic Starfleet training and could be developed further with future RP sessions.

If you are disagreeable with the above then what do you expect out of STO RP?

Casual dates at Quarks aren't RP to me, they do not generate memorable plot lines nor do they progress my career as a Starfleet officer. They are also too slow, and the activity therein do not satisfy my professional requirements as an RPed military officer.

On the other hand negotiating with separatist Cardassian militant elements to integrate them with the current civilian leadership (Detapa Council) is more relevant to my duties as an FDC officer. I have an RP fleet coordinate with me for such activities, and conduct rather high level written "duels" in the form of proposals and counter-proposals, each time we commence diplomatic proceedings. Again, taking influence from actual UN conferences.

And as for wanting Star Trek roleplaying in a Star Trek environment, I can think of no better solution than adopting a post-modern adaptation of current US Navy procedures in a gamer-friendly format to enhance in-game team efficiency without the use of voice communications.

Well then, it's not my fault you decided to leave the channel immediately after the task force deployment without giving me any sort of feedback whatsoever

Donīt get me wrong, it has been a really nice acompany we had during this Hobus Sector crisis, but during the whole time I had not the feeling that your "fleet" is binding me.
Maybe its a missunderstanding between us both, but I undestood your channel as a free open channel for everyone to join for RP with others, but can leave the channel again without giving a reason why.
If you channel is ment as closed group of membes building a task force I am sorry that I just went off without saying a word, because I didnīt know.

Nevertheless, thank to your explanation I could have a better view on what you are intent to do in your "fleet", now. And of course, its also important for me to think on my carreer as Starfleet Officer. And Starfleet hasnīt give me the command on USS Polaris for some cuising trhough the neighbourhood and to impress some girls. We are on stady missions to unsertand the universe, collecting probes of particles, scanning annonymlous anomalies and protect the forderation from its enemies. BUT its also impotatnt to me, to hag up with my friends in a bar or just invite them to my ship for some chat between collegues.
I thinkg everyone has a own deffinition of Rollplay. And I think there is an easy link between a good creative roll playing and playing missions alone or in a team.

So thank you for inviting me to your channel last week and giving me the opputiuntiy to join your team of high professionals. But I think our both deffintions of Roll Playing does not fix or meet.

I am wishing you all the best for your enterprise of leading a US Navy orientated Fleet, and all your missions in future.

Live Long and Prosper

A.T. Hennignwell

Originally Posted by CGuardian
No offense, but this comes off sounding really bitter and doesn't reflect very well on you or your fleet. If you aren't offering him a fleet to RP in, don't bother responding.

As far as the OP is concerned, you can contact Bruce@tomatopastemoose or myself, Pyli@CGuardian to get information on the 42nd Fleet Eridani Border Watch.
Greetings Captain,

at the moment I am part of a german Fleet, that does not really know what Roll Playing means I think. Pls see my intention of a roll playing fleet above. If you think that our both intentions would fix, I suppoese its logical that we meet and talk about my joining.
If they do, it would be a real pleasure for me, to join your fleet without any further delay.

You will soon receive a message from me. Pls feel free to contact me to arrange a meet one to one.

Best regards

A. T. Henningwell