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03-18-2012, 05:28 AM
Originally Posted by kimmera
I remind you that this thread, which you happened to start, is titled 'putting the 'star trek' back in 'star trek online.'

You have just shot your request to pieces by way of saying 'the star trek' includes soft canon, and thus is STO is already part of 'the star trek'
Sorry, my bad.

I should have said "Putting the 'Star Trek that-is-not-for-ADHD-instant-gratification-pew-pew-zombies' back in 'Star Trek endless-grind-in-instanced-space-boxes-with-optional-single-player-missions-that-allow-a-buddy-or-two-to-tag-along Online'".

But that would have been too long for a title. I appologize for the confusion.