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03-18-2012, 04:30 AM
I don't know who the original poster is but it seems people just shot him down in flames after he had posted something relatively extensive; something he/she had put thought into. I think the post straight after the first shows what I mean.

I think there are some valid points there but I don't see where he held a gun to devs heads and said "change everything or else I'll blow you all to hell"

How about we start again with the discussion?

Firstly I can see where baelturath is coming from about the borg in the beginning but I found it quite exciting being involved in a minor scrap with em. Take that you bounders...... *biff* But the idea of a Starfleet Academy tutorial sounds kewl too.

The levelling concept is already being discussed elsewhere and I personally think baelturath has a point though I wouldn't necessarily do it that way. Maybe less XP from Doff missions for example.

Unfortunately the die and respawn seems to be MMO canon so I was expecting it and it doesn't jar for me as much as maybe it should being plonked into the Star Trek universe. And I'm a crap shooty-shooter-enemy-die type

The mission thread can be ignored at ones leisure but, again, the side missions are standard MMO affair dontcha think? But I would like to see in action what baelturath suggests.

And like I said earlier - these are just ideas. There is no gun to the Devs heads threatening to blow them away if they don't implement the changes.

It is, after all, a discussion thread mwah love you all