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Log, supplemental: Sutherland, Johnathan (Vice Admiral)
Subject: Facility 4208 Improvement

To whom it may concern:

Having been present at the recent riot at Facility 4208, I have been asked to provide an opinion on what might help avoid further incidents in the future.

I can point to only one improvement that would help - independent portable holoemitters, of the sort deployed on starships. Only a handful of them are provided to each ship, tending to provide a maximum of six crewmen per starship. However, a supply of them that allow for 20% of guards to be wearing one at all times would help immensely. This may seem to make it easy for the holographic guards to be tampered with, but this concern is invalid. Subtle modifications to secured LCARS versions and tetryon pulse modulation would prevent easy tampering or the insertion of malevolent programming in ways used by farmers on planets for centuries - simply put, putting genetic variation in the herd to prevent one virus from infecting them all. My chief of operations, Commander Sadov, has already begun work on a prototype that I have personally contributed code to, and I can verify that the results are quite promising. We can have prototype units available to Starfleet Intelligence within a week. We estimate that when the diversified holoemitters are deployed no more than 90% of the guards will be disabled at any one time, even with a concentrated attack. This number should be sufficient to restart the system and repair disabled holoemitters, allowing backups to take over and provide rapid reinforcement against sabatours.

I estimate the required holoemitters to number no less than 5,000. While this may be expensive, may I remind you that many of these individuals are extremely dangerous, which I know first-hand as I apprehended several of them at great risk to myself and my crew - twice, in fact, now. Furthermore, holograms have been ruled sentient lifeforms by the Federation Supreme Court, and denying them a failsafe of this kind renders them virtually helpless in a life-threatening situation. Additionally, this particular failure endangered the life of a diplomatic envoy, which could have caused an actual war against the Dominion, wherein they would already have possession of the most important strategic point in the entire quadrant against any invasion plans.

I am having a conference with Fleet Admiral Quinn directly regarding this situation. These prisoners are too dangerous and the stakes far too high to risk such an incident again. As I now have clearance and rank in this situation I have requested and received budgetary reports. Even without dipping into the 'black box' budget reports that remain unavailable to me you can easily afford upgrades of these kind. Available weapons and deflector shields for this facility could drive off a mixed fleet of at least two dozen Odyssey, Sovereign and Prometheus-class ships, and against a force three times that quantity have at the very least time for assistance en masse to be routed from Starbase 227 and Deep Space 3. Heavier fortifications are not the answer here. Although transporter defenses need to be bolstered, that is for a separate document, briefing and R&D effort.

This facility is too important to the Federation to risk it falling. Make it safer with something other than longer phaser arrays and stronger shields. My executive officer, Commander Corspa, and my chief medical officer, Commander Aunroz, will be filing their own reports with similar findings within the next six hours.

Vice Admiral Johnathan Sutherland
Starfleet Corps of Engineers

Sutherland sat at the desk in his ready room, looking over the PADD. Corspa sat on the other side of the room, feet up on the table, and Aunroz sat near her, the Trill medic looking a bit more reserved and dignified than her Andorian superior officer, both with PADDs in their hands as they read their commander's letter.

Corspa looked up. "If anything, Suth, it's a bit too POLITE." She pushed herself into a more regular sitting posture, grasping the PADD with both hands and peering at it intently.

"I'd agree, Johnathan." Aunroz nodded slightly. The three had attended Starfleet Academy together, been classmates, and it was perhaps a stroke of luck that they ended up serving together so shortly after the massacre of captains at Vega Colony - Corspa, in fact, was an officer selected by the captain of the Khitomer to accompany him back to his ship. As a consequence, first names and nicknames were common among them, and some of the other bridge crew as well.

However, Sutherland was a little surprised to hear Aunroz's assessment. Normally the Trill was more restrained and diplomatic, more naturally than Sutherland was. However, two days ago she had to keep a Vorta from bleeding to death from behind Sutherland's jury-rigged forcefield, pausing from synthasutures only long enough to discharge her assault rifle into - and through - the skull of Kam'tar, a particularly dangerous Klingon they brought in alive before. She had wondered, when they apprehended him, what might happen should he ever be released.

She didn't have to worry about that any longer.

It's a good thing Aunroz was far stronger than she looked, both physically and mentally, thought Sutherland. She'd have broken by now if not.

"Maybe," Sutherland says, "But considering the way the Admirality's basically a passive-aggressive political disaster area non-stop, first time around we need to be more polite." It did not escape him that he outranked most of the people he was to be addressing. But there were more than a few that hadn't logged a single star hour in years, and forgot what it was like to fly anything other than a desk - and even among those who did, he could think of at least one that should have never been in the captain's chair in the first place, one who Aunroz and Corspa were both able to read between the lines to identify.

The joy of internal politics - how he was able to accept a promotion to flag rank and retain command of a front-line ship was beyond him, but he suspected that, if the sheer number of up-and-comers making up the current ranks of captains was an indication, there would be even more relatively untested occupants of the center seat, making his relatively meager time in command seniority, if by a frighteningly tiny amount, and desperately needed seniority at that. "What was that Andorian phrase?" he turned towards his XO, who paused for a moment, before she uttered in Andorian, translated by the computer.

<<You can catch more flies with honey than assault rifles.>>

"Isn't an Andorian fly twelve inches long with mach 1 flight and exoskeletal armor that first-generation anti-disruptor armo was based on?" Aunroz inquired, a slight smirk coming to her face.

"Details." Corspa waved off the comment, though the humor of the statement was not lost on her. "Alright Jonny, you're the captain. I'll have my report off in an hour."

Sutherland nodded as he tapped a button on the PADD quietly, transmitting the quadruple-encrypted communique to Starfleet - and sending a copy to Fleet Admiral Quinn, one of the few commanders he thought were above the politics and bickering among his fellow admirals who were, for the most part, two to three times his age. A pause.

"...and Corspa," he said, rising - all three were going to man their stations on the bridge, but only for the moment would they have privacy. Both Corspa and Aunroz stopped and looked towards their commander to see what he wanted.

"The Jem'Hadar officers," Sutherland said, simply.

"Yeah?" Corspa inquired.

" them."

Corspa smirked. "Damn straight, sir." She punched her fist quietly, as Aunroz forced back a sigh of exhasperation. Between Sutherland, Corspa, Sadov, Chief Engineer Strahm, and others, she sometimes felt like the warden of the asylum that was once an Academy class, along with Nooshirsea, a member of a non-Federation race who was an instructor at the Academy and now served as Sutherland's science officer, a fast transition between who was in charge that still made everyone - except for Nooshirsea, paradoxically - feel a bit awkward. It is, after all, difficult to give orders to someone that but a short time ago you were calling 'professor' or 'sir.'

Asylum or not, though, Aunroz admitted to herself - they were her friends. And they got results.

With that, the two departed, Sutherland tapping a few keys to secure his terminal before following to join them, intent on the command chair - his chair.

Enough paperwork, he thought to himself. Time to get some real work done.