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03-18-2012, 08:10 AM
I have a friend who bought this "really nice" Gateway computer. Specs on it where decent considering it was a pre-built. Lasted him just a little bit over the warranty and then a whole mess of problems started happening. He kept thinking it had to have just been a problem with windows or something really small. So I went over to his apartment to look at it, opened the case, and then started scratching my head in confusion.

I've built computers from scratch since what windows 3.1, and I've never even heard of the company that made his power supply. Tested everything out and sure enough the PSU was bad. So we went to find a replacement and it took almost 2 hours to convince him that in this case brand name and quality are the most important things and then cost.

I don't think people realize that no matter the competitions between Intel and AMD or AMD and Nvida the most important one is actually the PSU.

Ashen: I personally like the modular ULTRA PSU, but curious to which one you prefer.