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I have a friend who bought this "really nice" Gateway computer. Specs on it where decent considering it was a pre-built. Lasted him just a little bit over the warranty and then a whole mess of problems started happening. He kept thinking it had to have just been a problem with windows or something really small. So I went over to his apartment to look at it, opened the case, and then started scratching my head in confusion.

I've built computers from scratch since what windows 3.1, and I've never even heard of the company that made his power supply. Tested everything out and sure enough the PSU was bad. So we went to find a replacement and it took almost 2 hours to convince him that in this case brand name and quality are the most important things and then cost.

I don't think people realize that no matter the competitions between Intel and AMD or AMD and Nvida the most important one is actually the PSU.

Ashen: I personally like the modular ULTRA PSU, but curious to which one you prefer.
years ago ultra was ok, I have seen FAR to many blow and take out whole systems or the psu side of the contact(modular) melt due to high load.

I have afew brands I use, some arent well known to some geeks but, every brand is one I have had MANY great psu's from both myself and clients/friends.

a few examples are

kingwin: these are ttgi/superflower builds, they tend to be a good value for your money, I have only seen 3 blow in over 20years of doing this work, and in 2 cases it was a major power surge that FUZED an apc surge protector (it could nolonger break the circuit)

CoolerMaster: only select models, mostly recommend the SilentPro Gold line, I was in the beta for these, Im still using mine infact as my main psu, its quite and the design is mostly modular(mobo and 1 set of pci-e connectors hard wired, so main high load stuff people used always has a good connection)

Another note is the spg units are single rail, no worry about rail balance.

Enermax: just a great company period.

fortron: anything made by fortron tends to be good to great, not always the best, but i have yet to see a truely bad fortron built psu.(they are an oem, companies like thermal take use them for the toughpower and other good units)

ToPower: another company that makes good units enlarge, just avoid the lowest end ToPower units, ToPower tend to have very good output per rail, I have seen them fail, but have never seen one take a system with it, IF they die, they (at least in my exp) just die, without killing the system.

E-Power are topower builds

PC Power and Cooling: good units, sometimes a bit over priced, sometimes on sale for a steal.

Sparkle Power: last i checked they where still FSP(fortron source power) so good stuff.

other good brands are
CORSAIR, OCZ, Seasonic.

On my AVOID list of the major well known brands is Antec, this is due to experiance over time.

Antec has had this habbit over the years of putting out a great psu, getting a rep for it being amazing then subbing out sub-par components OR fully replacing the innards with utter crap.

Things I have seen them pull in the past........easiest one to tell you about is when they swapped the full innards on a set of formerly high grade psu models to being something closer to a deer or eagle brand unit, BUT they also put a lead plate under the psu's componant board to keep the weight it flet good and heavy......

light psu=garbage.....heavy dosnt always mean quality tho......

so my advice is to avoid Antec, some of their stuffs still good never know what you will endup with when you order.....

I avoid most ThermalTake units because they use such a mix of OEM's to get them, some being great like FSP others being REALLY to avoid then outside specific models like the toughpower.

hope this helps...

EDIT: gotta say again how much I like the CoolerMaster SPG units, they are not cheap, but IMHO they are worth every penny you spend on them...

6x120mm fans
1x140mm lighted fan
AMD x6 1055t@3.5(4.1turbo)
Asus Sabertooth 990fx(got it cheap or i wouldnt own it )
16gb ddr3 1600

on an 800watt unit, and even under load testing it dosnt drop by even 1v on the 12v rail