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03-18-2012, 03:17 PM
no arguments the defiant is a warship, but a galaxy can take a galor out without breaking a sweat i refer to the wounded when a galor attacked the enterprise and they disabled it with one shot.

The Galaxy was designed for deep space exploration and 1st contact missions, as we all know 1st contact isn\t always with a species that wants to be your friends and due to not having fleet support whilst out in deep space i hardly believe the Federation would spend soo much time and resource on a space hotel that cannot defend itself.

Regardless of the defiants power and weapons output it would be a smoldering pile of scrap against a galaxy.

my points ofr argument

12 type 10 phaser arrays only type 12 have a better output and these until the Sovvie were put on starbases
2 x burst fire torp tubes capable of firing 10 torps per round.
saucer separation where the stardrive becomes a battleship allowing the families and ect to escape harms way.
A battle bridge, why have a battle bridge on a science ship if it was a ship of exploration and peacetime.
Why 12 phaser arrays 10 of which are on the stardrive section isn't that slightly over armed for a science ship.
Why the flagship of the federation if it wasn't A. the strongest and B. the pinnacle of starship design.

The Galaxy is a battleship however due to politics and the federations peaceful facade it is classed as a explorer as the federation don't build warships.