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03-18-2012, 04:20 PM
Originally Posted by Alacrity7
It just seems like you cant change what skill they have as a toggle or what they train up in. I know I must be missing something.
To use a trained BO skill, there are 2 main requirements...
  1. The BO in question must be of high enough rank (Promote them...) to place skill points in the Skill.
  2. The Ship being used must have a console seat ranked high enough for the skill.

And this is where the differences in ship types come into play... Escorts support higher ranked Tactical BO skills, Science Ships support higher ranked Science skills, and Cruisers support higher ranked Engineering skills

Originally Posted by mackula View Post
I trained my Lt. Science BO in the Torp HY2 ability. When will I be able to use it?
This is a contradiction... Torp High Yield is a Tactical skill... Science BO can never learn Tactical skills...