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03-18-2012, 03:22 PM
Short Term Requests
I would love to have a lot more races represented in the duty officer lists that are from the federation or allied with it, How about Bynars, Nasat, Pahkwa-thanh, Thallonians, Selkies, Bandi, Brikarians, Xenexians, Coridans, Elaysians, Ktarians, Triexians, Triexians.
Maybe even some mixed race officers (like Miral Paris or Naomi Wildman)

It would be more true to Star Trek and give a chance to expand on species introduced in novel series like New Frontier, SCE and Titan

Mid Term Requests
Also it would be great if you could play poker in your crew lounge with friends/fleet members, and let players set amounts of bets with EC, GPL or even Dilithium

Long Term Requests
I would also like to see more missions/episodes with puzzles in them, to actually make you think and work something out like a starfleet officer would actually do than just scanning an artifact