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Originally Posted by Tucana
B.harris -
A suggestion with these Section 31 missions...

After trying them both, I didn't feel like I was participating in truly unique Section 31 missions. They felt mostly like generic ground combat and space combat activities. As an established Starfleet officer, I can't imagine that Section 31 would ask me to prove myself (or retrain) in these testing areas like this.

I D E A S:

* Give me a diplomacy party/mixer at a Starbase or starship with 20 NPCs. One of them is my contact. Three of them could blow my cover. Suggest that I change into dress uniform for the mission before starting it, then park my characters to the sidelines (e.g. the Away Team members that tag along during each ground/interior mission) before proceeding to find my contact.

I need to talk with various beings until I discover who my contact is. Then I need to relay a data chip to them, or provide a code word, or ? Whatever I commit to, the mission is either successful or a total failure. (And it results in someone knowing I am NOT the Starfleet officer/ship commander that I portend to be!)

* Your Away Team is assigned to commandeer a KDF vessel to obtain a new transwarp coil (or cloaking device) which may turn the tide of war between the Klingons and Federation. Trouble is, Starfleet Command has NOT sanctioned you for this mission -- you have learned about this through your Section 31 contact. Can you trust that you've been told the right information? Or is this a test of your loyalty to defending and preserving the Federation, per Section 31's mandate? Will this ignite further hostilities in the sector?

* A rogue Section 31 agent is sabotaging a Federation colony.

* Section 31 requests you to file a mission report in-person with their agent on Drozana Station -- but he/she is killed before you can report in. Find the murderer. Learn that maybe this wasn't an actual Section 31 operative, but someone within Starfleet trying to reign in Section 31 activities. You are placed in the middle of Section 31 and Starfleet. Where do your true loyalties lie?


Btw, I would cite the reason for Section 31 in your missions. In my second mission, I make mention of the exact quote within the articles of the Federation which discusses Section 31.

Use your favorite search engine to look up "Star Trek Section 31 Federation"

Bottom line, help educate your player about what Section 31 is -- and craft missions that are more intensive of secret operations.

Remember: Your player's character may choose to be a Section 31 operative... but the rest of their crew hasn't. That makes for some interesting loyalty scenarios, too! Could it inspire mutiny? Could these spy missions require other crew members to be inducted into Section 31? Is Section 31 too much of a power-hungry shadow organization that is fractured beyond what the Chief of Starfleet Security can manage.

I got 8 foundry slots available right now. Maybe I can separate the missions into two 4 episode series. I do want to somehow incorporate some Section 31 history in order to educate the player but maybe I'll spread the history lessons out so that you gradually find out the history during missions.