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03-18-2012, 03:50 PM
I do love a good discussion about the merits of one ship over another on screen etc, but the main reason for this thread was to highlight the fact a C-store ship, one that people in theory are supposed to part with cash for, is being rendered obsolete by upcoming changes to another ship, and the introduction of yet another.

There is apparently a "Galaxy pack" in the works, and re-working the Galaxy R would make it far more worthwhile, which is why I brought the topic up. Cryptic would likely sell far more if the ship was worth having, which I think somewhat increases the chances of the Galaxy R being touched up.

Furthermore, in addition to the upcoming changes to the Galaxy-X, don't forget that the ship originally only had 7 weapon slots before, so Cryptic has form with regards to bringing ships "up to standard" already, and with the Galaxy R being a C-store ship, I can think of no reason for them to hold back, and nothing to lose.

The reason I suggested a universal lieutenant is because it doesn't mean more crazy consoles, a ship that canonicly is very similar also has such a setup, and I don't believe it'd break balance, but add utility. Also, as far as I can tell, it'd involve considerably less work for the devs than devising a new console or something along those lines.

I'd like to hear other suggestions, and brainstorm a bit. This is not a "my favourite ship can beat up your favourite ship" thread!