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Originally Posted by Mattimus_Prime View Post
Much of your evidence of the Galaxy's tech specs is apocryphal. There's no claiming the Galaxy can't put up a fight, but it was designed more with an eye to defense than attack. Hell, in an alternate timeline, when the Galaxy-class was more of a warship than in the Prime timeline, it was very nearly destroyed by a pair of Klingon Bird-of-Preys.

The fact is that any ship is only as strong or as weak as the writer wanted it to be, which sadly lends itself to conflicting depictions on screen. Still, the Defiant has shown itself to be more consistently capable in combat than the Galaxy.
Against simular sized ships. only time it really went up against anything bigger was in the episode with Tom Riker where it disabled a galor and Paradise Lost against the Lakota and from those scenes iit opens more questions as to how the cardassians during the dominion war were able to stand up to the federation and support their dominion allies and that can the defiant really punch above its weight class as it fought the Lakota to a draw although plot wouldn't allow for the destruction of another fed ship at the hands of another fed ship.

But we never really saw the defiant destroy anything above a BOP or Bugship