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03-18-2012, 04:05 PM
Originally Posted by SierraBishop
I have a KDF Carrier and have to say yes I would like one for Starfleet. One reason I can think of is the look of a Fed Carrier would be something totally different than what the KDF has. The second is the function of the class alone offers captains a chance to play in a new way, and me myself and I should one be introduced would hope it was a Tactical Carrier,or released in a bundle like the flagships. As far as the price on it 1600 cp yeah I would be happy if it were so cheap as I could have seen it going for much more.
I pitched the idea of the Tactical Carrier, if the Orions have Cruisers that launch Fighters, and the Akira had 40 fighters onboard surely an Escort with a Fighter bay would be a good move for the Game let alone the Federation. It would be a unique ship and not a copy of something that already exhists in game. And it could probaly sell not only a T5 Akira but the Thunderchild skin too.

I'm not so much against the idea of a Fed Carrier, I'm more against the idea of a copy of the Klingon Carriers which are Sci or Eng style ships.