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03-18-2012, 05:08 PM
Originally Posted by Ebeneezergoode
I do love a good discussion about the merits of one ship over another on screen etc, but the main reason for this thread was to highlight the fact a C-store ship, one that people in theory are supposed to part with cash for, is being rendered obsolete by upcoming changes to another ship, and the introduction of yet another.

There is apparently a "Galaxy pack" in the works, and re-working the Galaxy R would make it far more worthwhile, which is why I brought the topic up. Cryptic would likely sell far more if the ship was worth having, which I think somewhat increases the chances of the Galaxy R being touched up.

Furthermore, in addition to the upcoming changes to the Galaxy-X, don't forget that the ship originally only had 7 weapon slots before, so Cryptic has form with regards to bringing ships "up to standard" already, and with the Galaxy R being a C-store ship, I can think of no reason for them to hold back, and nothing to lose.

The reason I suggested a universal lieutenant is because it doesn't mean more crazy consoles, a ship that canonicly is very similar also has such a setup, and I don't believe it'd break balance, but add utility. Also, as far as I can tell, it'd involve considerably less work for the devs than devising a new console or something along those lines.

I'd like to hear other suggestions, and brainstorm a bit. This is not a "my favourite ship can beat up your favourite ship" thread!
pretty sure the 'galaxy ship' pack is just going to be a re-release as a package deal all the current c store galaxy stuff, the venture, R, and X. at the same time this deal is launched in the c store, they will enable the X to slot the saucer separation console you get from the R.

there will also be a 3 console set bonus from equipping the 3 consoles from the 3 ships on the X, similar the the flagship consoles. i'd say theres a 50% chance they also do something insane like give the galaxy X a 4th tactical console to total 10. 'its balanced because it needs space for all those universal consoles'


i'd be surprised if it turned out any different. and i'd be surprised if they use this golden opportunity to adjust the galaxy R so its not the suckiest cruiser by far. its not like they would let it equip the cloak console from the X to get the console set bonus too, right? it wouldn't do a galaxy R a single bit of good anyway.

surprise! galaxy R decloaking! ok now im gonna throw heals, turn poorly, and be a less optimizable and useful as a healer then a star cruiser. im also going to be dealing less damage then all but the star cruiser wile im at it. that's ok, i'll saucer sep and still not do any more damage! and i'll likely get killed because the entire team loves killing sep'ed galaxy's. even more then killing unsep'ed galaxys, which are almost always considered easy marks and flown by noobs.

making the galaxy X guarantied the galaxy R will always be in its shadow, it couldn't be as good or better then the galaxy X, that wouldn't make sense! what this 'galaxy ship' pack should be is combing of the X and R into 1 ship, and the visuals, lance, and cloak of the X should be tied to the 'X console'. if you didn't want to look at the X's ugly extras and silly cannon, don't slot that console, and you would still be left with a good looking galaxy with the galaxy X's more tactical stats. i could live with that, and it would do the galaxy more justice.