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# 1 Jazz up Ground PVP
03-18-2012, 07:24 PM
I don't Space PVP because it does not interest me - I don't see the point myself. Ground PVP interests me even less :p.

But .... does anyone remember playing FFA in Elite Force II on the oversized bridge?
If you can't let me explain (if I can remember correctly).

The bridge was a free for area that was oversized, so you stood about 3x the height of a Voy Tricorder. You could step on the Tricorder and it would open to fling you across the room I still remmember the Rrrrrgh sound it made. It was actually a bit of fun.

=== Image ====

I know they can't copy this exactly, but maybe Cryptic should consider some more random environments like this, instead of the more serious environments?

Anyway, that is all :p