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Originally Posted by bobgreenwade View Post
That is correct -- though I still held, at the time, that the rule on TNG was that Tasha had to die in every odd-numbered season. (I even held up a hope that they'd continue the tradition on DS9.)
This. I was happy every single time she got killed. Hated her acting and her character.

Oh and actually she died 4 times.

1) TNG "Skin of Evil"
2) TNG "Redemption pt2" Sela's account spawning from an alternate reality from "Yesterdays Enterprise"
3) TNG "All Good Things"
4) Family Guy Season 7 "Not All Dogs Go to Heaven" when Stewie kills Denise Crosby right off the bat with a disruptor pistol after transporting the bridge crew cast to his house. Freaking hilarious.