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03-18-2012, 10:40 PM
I would also say they have some anti-grav abilities like the anti-grav sleds. How do you think shuttles do it without creating wash.

Voyager too I believe reconfigured their thruster for atmospheric use. I believe Paris stated something to this effect. Also it would not be too far flung to expect shields are used to reduce atmospheric drag effects.

Another thing some might note is that the RCS thrusters on Voyager we large for the ship size, you know the orange/brown things around the saucer, 4 of them. This would add the perception of increased power for atmo maneuvering.

With the Ent-D Saucer in Generations. remember they had just been blown to pieces by a BoP, who knows which systems had failed. Additionally it was actually the explosion of the star drive which pushed them into an uncontrollable descent to the planet. Under control the saucer may have survived, but the extra speed and the angle (coupled with lack of power) caused the crash... Troi should have flown in the other direction