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Originally Posted by Aussie1 View Post
Additionally it was actually the explosion of the star drive which pushed them into an uncontrollable descent to the planet.
Not the star, it was the warp core breach when the stardrive section blew up before they reached safe range. The supernova destroyed them (and the entire planet for that matter) shortly after the crash, so when Picard stopped the supernova from happening at all, the Enterprise still crashed.

Of course its all still super-science and a sharp turn in space still should have had insane shearing forces, but this is the same sort of sci-fi where constant thrust equals constant velocity.
One of the most commonly mentioned bits of tech in the shows is inertial dampeners. Ships in Star Trek can negate inertia, which does a lot of things: It keeps the crew from being converted into a viscous smear against the rear bulkheads during warp acceleration, prevents shearing force in a turn, reduces lethal effect to dramatic effect on weapon strikes, and it's also why ships lose speed when they lose thrust - inertia's what would keep them going.