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03-19-2012, 12:32 AM
I haven't played the missions, but if you're going with Section 31, I definitely think you need to go with more of a non-combat, dialogue heavy route. In that sort of mission there should almost never be random combat (ie: fight 5/5 ships/fight an enemy group at the end of every corridor). There should only be combat when it makes sense for the mission.

it's ok to actually try to work in a little bit of action, but make sure it makes sense, and maybe have it be a result of a failure (either you blew the chance to talk your way out of trouble, or your cover ends up being blown). You should never have a situation where you're fighting through dozens of enemies unless the mission has basically been a total failure.

Above all else, I'd focus on making interesting characters that people care about (use the Sloan/Franklin Drake template and go from there). Try to immerse people in the world of Section 31 and present them with the argument that they're doing the right thing, but leave plenty of moral ambiguity since that is what Section 31 is all about. Are they really doing the right thing as they claim, or are they just completely misguided individuals who have abandon most of the precepts that make the Federation great?

If you want an example of how I'd start this sort of a mission, I think the beginning of Perilous Prize where you're involved in some shady dealings and have to meet with a disreputable contact is sort of how I'd do it.