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03-19-2012, 01:47 AM
In my opinion, there are two ways to handle this:

1) All consoles stack
2) No console stacks.

I don't like that one console differs so much from the rest.

But if the Field Generators are to stack, +35 % is probably too much. And it's stupid there exists only one endgame variant of them and no lower level ones. I think a value of about +20 % may be fine.

I am getting more and more partial to the idea that identical consoles should not stack at all, but it would require a major rebalance of all existing consoles. So I don't see that happening, but here are my thoughts on that anyway:
  • Engineering Consoles: The energy boosters go back to +7 max value (Mark XI Rares). The Armor Consoles should probably also get another few percent. (Note that while 2 Ablative Armor consoles won't stack, an Albative and a Neutronium Armor console would
  • Science Consoles: All science console skill buffs would be raised by about 50 %.
  • Tactical Consoles: All tactical console bonuses would be raised by about 50 %. The values between beam/cannon and energy/projectile consoles would be raised to the higher ones. Beam + Energy and Torpedo Type + Projectile consoles would still stack.
I would also consider moving RCS consoles into the tactical slot.