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Originally Posted by Lord_Nightblade View Post
The original mission had no explanation for what the Klingons were doing with the thing, you just warped into the system, took down the planet's defenses, beamed to the surface to steal the weapons and then there was the doomsday device. No explanation for where it came from, why it was in Federation space, why the Klingons were messing around with it, or why B'vat in particular was interested in it.
While I can agree to disagree , IMHO it didn't need all that .
If it would have been a tale of the origin of the Doomsday Machine ... -- like the hints in the "Vendetta" novel about it being created as a superweapon to fight the Borg by an embittered race who didn't care how many civilizations their weapon destroyed as long as they got the Borg as well -- that would have been fine (4 me at least) .
Shoe horning it into becoming B'Vat's evil plot of the week took away from the story , not added to it .

While it wasn't the worst mission (Divide et Impera gets that distinction)
I like that one ... in a "I hate it but I like it" kind of way .
It's the best "questionable morals" story this game has to offer .
It makes you stop and think for a sec about mindlessly following orders . That one is GOOD Star Trek !!
Good Star Trek makes you think .
And unlike "B'Vat's evil plot of the week" , it makes perfect sense for the Undine to pull something like that .
The fact that the Romulans don't retaliate is the fail , not that great mission .