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03-19-2012, 03:34 AM
Here is my take on this new series -

Things I liked about it:
Andrews - I thought she had good character and probably the best voice acting on the series. Would have been better if her death hadn't come so early in the series
Facility 4028 - The look, the feel, and the attention to detail really made this place seem "real" for me. I also loved that we got to see some of the villains we've faced in past missions and what happened to them.
Using shuttles in OP:Gamma - I finally have a reason to use my Delta Flyer again. Took me a few weeks to craft it and I rarely ever use it. Glad to dust it off and have a purpose for it again.
Doff usage in Second Wave - Glad to see the doff system be apart of story missions. I wish Cryptic had done this more throughout the series, but good on them for trying it out.
Spacewalking - Probably my favorite part of the series. I can tell a lot of time and effort went into the art and visuals for this part of the mission.

Things I didn't like:
Lack of consequences - This applies to whether you chose to kill the Ferangi or kill everyone in the facility. Cryptic has made episodes in the past that took into account of which chose you made, why not these?
Villains - The villains (female vorta and the jem alpha) just didn't feel right to me. I wasn't sure what their goals were and after finishing Of Bajor, there was no real reason for them to stay on the station.
Sense of danger - Unlike the past series, I didn't feel like there was any real "danger" to anyone or anything in this series. Okay, the bad guys took over DS9. And that's it.
Capt Whoever of the Ent-F - When the Ent-F made its debut at the end of the series, I thought, "hey, that's kinda cool." But when I saw the captain, I honestly didn't remember who it was.
Random Jem BO - Okay, I like getting BOs that aren't vanilla Starfleet officers. But why did a Jem join my crew. I don't even RP, but I do like hearing why strange aliens are on my ship.

So things they could have done differently:
-Don't kill Andrews right away. Let us get to know her more so her death means more to us when it happens.
-Make the stakes higher. The resurgent Dominion fleet just took DS9 and didn't do anything else. Have them attack other worlds, or better yet, try to restart the Dominion War.
-Give a reason why a Jem soldier would join my crew. We've had a Breen join because he found his conscience and a Remen freedom fighter join because of our ideals. Why is there a Jem on my ship shooting things?