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03-19-2012, 10:39 AM
1) Heal ALL injuries button
2) Remove the 3 kinds of injuries/regenerartors. One should heal all. Just change it to say 1 heals minor 3 heals crit. This would free up 2 inv slots as well. 4 if they did the same thing for space
3) Allow for healing in the sickbay of your ship instead of having to dock and run thru a starbase.

In all honesty I cant stand their enire injury system. It was a 1/2 derriere attempt to placate the "Death Needs to Mean Something" crowd shortly after release. It just adds needless aggrevation IMO. Ive been in some maps on Elite and had BOs with 25 injuries. I have to play on elite/adv if I want to actually play a real game and not the wimpy normal mode. Problem is you and your BOs just stack up too many injuries if the slightest thing goes wrong