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03-19-2012, 11:15 AM
dont use driver sweeper, cant tell you how many systems i have had to fully reinstall windows onto thanks to that stupid app....

as to their list of games, there, skyrim is known to have issues, both nv and amd have had issues with it, same with rage, alanwake is pretty new as well, so its a given there will be some issues....

I never said the current "latest" official drivers where the best and bug free, but STO out of the 30+ games I have tested with was the only one to have horrible annomolies (black/colored blinking boxes and such)

I dont buy new titles like the skyrim/alanwake/rage(ok rage is pushing it but.....i dont blame nvidia/amd for the issues with it...Id didnt test properly)
I give them time to mature both the game patch wise and the drivers update wise.

every elderscrolls game I have owned has had issues till it got some patching.....its known as bethesda launch syndrome among many gamer communities, its expected their games will have buggs aplenty when they come out, but will get patched up in proceding months.

the drivers I linked have worked for every game I have tested the ONLY game i have had anybody mention issues with was bf3, and he had issues with that game to start with so not sure if the drivers to blame.

if you need a list of some of the games I have tested you can look here
also have tested with older games like unreal gold, ut2k4, gothic 1-2-3-4, kalonline, fable TLC, tribes, tribes2....

i could list more but I think this covers my point.....

If needed I can hunt down a list of games nvidia has issues with as well......if that would help you feel better about your amd card.

edit: the driver I linked should work fine with the titles mentioned, its a more recent beta of the 12.3/12.4 line, got confermatiuon from 2 people it works with alanwake fine, and one said rage ran great.....civV...dont got anybody who has that installed at the moment.