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03-19-2012, 11:22 AM
Originally Posted by virusdancer
Fed Ships:
RA T5 Advanced Heavy Escort Retrofit
VA T5 Science Vessel...Vesta Shuttle Carrier
T3 / RA T5 Ambassador Advanced Heavy Cruiser

KDF Ships:
RA T5 K'tang Retrofit
RA T5 Pach Retrofit
VA T5 Hegh'ta Retrofit
VA T5 Qin Retrofit
VA T5 Negh'Var Retrofit
VA T5 Support Vessel
Add more KDF ship costumes.

Fed Content:
Add Federation Defense zones.
Add Fed PvP missions.

KDF Content:
Expand Fek'Ihri Return by one mission.
Expand Romulan Mystery by two missions.
Add 5-6 mission Cardassian arc between Romulan Mystery and Breen Invasion.
Add Marauding Missions akin to to Fed Patrol Missions.

There's likely more, but that's everything that's easily named off the top of my head.

Remasters...does not appear on that list outside of what would need to be done for Fek'Ihri and Romulan.
Other than the Shuttle Carrier I could support all of that.