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03-19-2012, 10:41 AM
We're looking to help new players level up and build their characters or to run coordinated STFs and other Fleet Actions with level cap players. We have a few master crafters, so if you have the materials but not the crafting skill points, we have people that can craft those high end items.

Perhaps an accolade run on some of those older episodes you did solo?
With that said, we're looking for more Science Captains. We have plenty of Tactical and Engineering (personally have both on VA), but our only science character is my own, which is now up to RA, and I'm looking to level it up to VA, but if we need a Science for an accolade run, I pull my Sci Captain out.

I'm also doing my best to make this a community effort. I like to be proactive with all the members. No matter what level you're on.
I do like fighting the late game missions and high level elite challenges, but I am not above re running the Klingon War episodes.