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03-19-2012, 12:10 PM
Originally Posted by feistyfawn View Post
I don't understand.
I'm admiral. I have 5465 accolade points.
I played 90 STF. I played all of episode.
But when I ask people invite me in their own fleet. They say no. They don't send invitation.
What's the requirment to become members of fleet?
My fleet, Rde Shirt Army (and its secondary fleets, including the KDF fleet to Kodan Armada) are looking for members. Usually when someone asks me to join our fleet, I chat with them a tad to see if they can make a good fit, and then we let them in one of our secondariy fleets untill we know them enough to have them in the primary. If you are still looking for an invite, get a hold of me. @whamhammer , we will ahve a chat and odds are, you get in and rise up.