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03-19-2012, 12:37 PM
Originally Posted by Mavairo
This is a really stupid idea on cryptic's part.

An Oddy right now has 25k shields. That's almost Double what my Mvam has with 3 field generators. (14k)
Said Oddy doesn't really sacrifice healing capability, or damage output to get that much in the shields department.
My MVAM does.
A science ship, sacrifices what makes sci worth taking onto the field in the first place to get their shield capacity up there, making them effectively useless as anything but a twin Transfer Shield Strength 3 carrier.
This also totally screws Escort dps, as they still have managable shield levels with 3 consoles (I pity you Scorts that only have 2 slots) However the AE/MVAM can't have any engineering consoles on in order to run 3 of these stupid consoles.

Resistance is even more problematic than it was in the past, (ES3 on a ship with 20-25k shields... so fun... ) RSP has become a problem again.
The game's base math wasn't meant to take this and it shows, easily just looking at Tetryon weapon procs, CPB, and tachyon beam. They alll drain at a fixed amount which is effectively nil now.

Gecko said this is working as intended, and he was called out on it in stoked chat. These were Unique consoles, specifically for this very reason. Because some ships give up absolutely nothing to have 3 of these, while others either become worthless glass controllers, or harmless shield tanks. This hoses Sci. This Hoses Escorts.

I do find it funny how 90 percent of broken crap that happens in this game just happens to benefit cruisers the most.

Oh and if they are considering lowering the percentage gained on the console? That still won't help. Cause you'll probably need more than 1 console just to get the shield totals you had before.

Hard to argue with that.