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# 1 Seeking Casual RP fleet
03-19-2012, 01:41 PM
Hello Again Everyone.

I posted here before but then I got kind of swept up in playing the game and getting my character to VA status so I am afraid I neglected the thread a bit, for that I am sorry. But I am going to try again.

I am looking for a Role-play fleet to join. I play mostly during the day time with some weekend hours here and there. I am perfectly fine with starting out on the bottom rung of a Fleet, so long as the rp is fun.

Mechanically I am a F2P player, but I am posting here so you at least know I have some investment in the game. I play an engineering officer on a fleet escort ship. I donít have a lot of experience in STFs or other endgame content and while I would like to get some I am far more the casual gamer than the uber leet.

RP wise my character is detailed in my previous post so I wonít put it here again to save against repetition.

Is there a casual role-play fleet out there where I might fit in? If not are there at least Places where role-play happens even if not in the context of a fleet? Is there a specific Space station where my character can go up and role-play ordering a bottle of cardassian wine without being ostracized for emoting?