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03-19-2012, 05:18 PM
Originally Posted by Timberjac View Post
Hello, the problem is that: against all odds, my phaser beams do in combat +-100 more damage than my AP beams.

Both are MK XII, and both with 3 Tactical apropiated energy consoles. On weapon "skill" both of them do 810 dps + 48 tetryon damage to shield.... but in combat, my phaser do more consistent damage with average of 100 more of damage.

It no sense to me, and more when AP have +20 crt severity (Ok only on crits, I known). At least they must have the same damage output.

I used phaser for long time, but I was doing some test, to enchance my overal damage output.

Anyway thanks for any answer.

Thanks to everybody for fun, sorry for my bad english.
Check out your passive traits, you probably have some accolade bonuses going on or something that you may not be taking into account?