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03-19-2012, 07:12 PM
Tier 4 Klingon Cruisers? There is a Tier 5 Vor'cha it's a Sovreign with better turning and a cloaking device but with a weaker hull.

Now correct me if I'm wrong but did you want a Lt.Com slot to replace a Lt and Ens slot? That's never going to happen that is simply too big of an advantage over every other ship in the game.

Now as somebody pointed out there is already a Engineering heavy Sci vessel and it's the Vulcan D'kyr.

But yes a more Tac focussed Sci vessel hybrid would be in line. Not sure what it would be but.

And as somebody mentioned there is no Engineer hybrid Escort. Although that may soon be filled by the Andorian one coming out soon.

If I had my way, a T5 Akira, more in common with a Cruiser than an Escort but still practical to mount DHC's on. As for a Special Console, Give it Fighters instead. Feds fill in the missing link in their fleet, get a Carrier that's not just a reskinned Klingon vessel, which has a Canon reason to have Fighters (Akira's carried 40 or so Fighters, but this was dropped to 10-15 when better fighters where made), and shuts up all the People who want a T5 Akira (including me).