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Originally Posted by Lord_Nightblade View Post
The problem is that your captain gets thrown the universe's biggest Idiot Ball. It's obvious after you scan the four crates that you're being played for a sucker by Admiral Not-A-Spy. At that point, any Starfleet officer with a modicum of brains would put the mission on hold to figure out just what exactly is going on. But you're not given that option, you're just railroaded into believing Admiral Not-A-Spy's obvious lies and you go on a killing spree in this Romulan medical research facility. If you were given a choice, if you could stop and say, "let's open up these crates just to double check," then that mission would be sooooo much better.
I'm reminded of one of my favorite bits in 'Boldly they Rode'...the response button when you're standing in the airlock that reads 'I feel like I just got railroaded' :-)
Personally, I'm going the middle of the road here, and say add new *quality* missions, and only re-master the old ones if they really need it badly. And as far as the Doomsday mission--I badly want to see a variant where you can run it solo with your *own* ship (and actually get proper use out of those fancy torpedos you picked up) without having to do it as a team thing.