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Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus View Post
Some will scoff at this question considering the FE series just ended. But those people are forgetting or ignoring how long it had been since we got new mission content before FE4 started. With that in mind this is a completely legitimate question. What is the plan for content going forward? Not some vague nonsense, but what is the real plan? When is the next mission content coming out?
I was looking at STOked from a couple of weeks ago and I think Chris had a good idea that's mostly been overlooked:

If Cryptic can only do 12-15 FE missions a year, they should drop the 5 part series and make them standalone monthly releases, sometimes with supporting events, dailies, PvP, etc.

Right now, the best FEs they've done didn't feel like part of the series they were in and most of the weird gaffes seemed to come from discontinuity or plotholes that came from stringing the missions together. (Ie. why we need to go to the gamma quadrant for a Founder when we already have one. Kestrel writes the plots but different content devs do the missions and I think one hand may not see what the other hand is doing sometimes.)

Standalone FEs would allow them to cover more ground in terms of different storylines and enemy groups and instead treat each one as the center of content development for the given month, with thematically tied in C-Store, PvP, dailies, and events.

So... Say they're working on Andorian escorts, right? Use that to spruce up Andoria for a FE standalone set there that uses the new escorts in the story.

In general, the worst FEs have felt like they existed to get us from Part 2 to Part 4, that kind of thing. Whereas the best (Coliseum, What Lies Beneath, Facility 2048) barely feel connected to the series they're a part of and could standalone entirely with just a bit of extra love.