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03-19-2012, 09:07 PM
When Alactrity7 mentions 'toggling', I'm wondering if they mean the skills that are next to the Boff portraits in the ship UI? If so, then a) Presuming they're in a properly-ranked station, then *all* options should be there (in this case, 3 High Yield icons, one each for the rank 1, 2, and 3 skills), and b) You might be better off setting your UI to 3 power bars (so the boff portraits are covered), and using the 'P' power dialogue to manually set which rank of the skill you want to use in combat (and keep in mind these are active skills that *you* activate in combat--your phrasing makes me think you think these are passive skills, and you're getting HY torps just because the Boff has the skill for them).

A big point of confusion, it seems--the basic fact is that a given *rank* of a skill is always assigned to a specific rank slot on the boff. It's *not* (at least on this level) a system where you improve a skill ranking in place--Rank I, II, and III of a skill are effectively three entirely separate skills that happen to have similar effects.