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03-19-2012, 09:25 PM
Originally Posted by perji
Go to Earth starbase, eastern side, where the Boff trainer is, walk towards the Sick Bay. EVERYBODY in the conference room will stand at attention and salute you.

Watch the NPC dialogue, they will be gossiping the players that are present in their area.
Actually, I'd rather see something like *that* implemented with the ship's crew (bridge and otherwise), rather than direct interaction as such. Replace the 'gossip' with lines relating to their class/bridge station/'department head' status from the doff assignments, and there you go. Not so much interactivity, as making it feel like the ship is actually working, rather than your crew sitting around quietly reading e-mail on the consoles or something. ;-)

Granted, it would also be nice to have the bridge displays--particularly the main screen--actually reflecting the ship's location, but that's probably wishful thinking indeed. :-)