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03-19-2012, 09:56 PM
Originally Posted by Sakarak
I tried building a torpedo boat with my KDF science officer. Two stealth consoles, all quantum consoles + borg, console, armor. Two quantum launchers, one bio-neural, one transphasic, tow quantum mines.

The only tactical buffs I am using are HY torpedoes I, II and dispersal pattern alpha. All the rest I am slotting to be science, with three hull repairs, one science team, gravity well I and tyken's rift I and III along with energy drain.

It is honestly not as much fun as playing with a traditional tactical officer as it can take minutes to kill instead of seconds and some cruisers and others running with high shield power are basically unkillable.
Yeah, the THY3 is almost required I feel, which I have access to as Tactical. I have a sciende boff in the commander slot so that i can pull stuff like grav well 3 out of the hat whenever I feel like it. Did the quantum consoles stack before the latest patch? I am running warhead yield chambers to get the most out of all my torps as I have 5 different. Quantum, harg'peng, bio-neural, breen cluster, chroniton and a tricobolt mine. STO became a different game for me when I discovered the torp boat