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# 2939 I Hate Boxes!
03-20-2012, 01:19 AM
The cardi-boxes are going away?
oh thank you jesus.

I would get boxes from extinguishing fires, shooting destructable torpedoes and mines, all kind of silliness. I could not avoid picking them up, and if I didn't they blocked my view on ground missions. SO anoying, it was more work throwing them away than managing my crafting inventory!

I may have thrown away over a thousand boxes by now.

this isn't hate for the DEV's or anything like that. one box per day might be a better idea, and no keys needed might be an even better idea. if the idea is to distribute more virtual goods randomly, you might want to;
1. MULTIPLY what is availiable through the C-store by twenty fold. all the extra ships (jem hadar, galor, unlimited holoemiter) ship costumes, bridge officers (cost based on species rarity), duty officers, devices, weapons, commodities, repair sets (ship heal), regenerator sets (crew heal), pre-order items, event items, services, Uniforms items, off duty items, formal items, more customization options, many more devices (steal stuff from champions online, like the power armor energy shield as a kit), expand with a C-store only EXPENSIVE=RARE "psionic" items, a set weapons, armor, personal shield, KiT, that unlock rapid use of psychic powers. And a "ship upgrade" module, if a player really, really loves his oberth class ship why can't the captian use new found resources to upgrade and expand the capabilities of his ship? such modules could add functionality to ship interiors. I.e. imagine this as "promoting your ship by +1 tier". how about more vanity items for ship interiors, like a "statue of ME" in the c-store.
2. Cut the prices on everything by say 80%...
3. start counting the chickens as they hatch.