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03-20-2012, 02:35 AM
i run a 2 piece honor guard, with borg deflector for the 5 aux power and the bonus of the engine+shield. thats like +15 aux power just for free with that setup. And honor guard engines are awesome.

so i suggest 2 piece honor guard +borg deflector and borg console should be your choice.

I have a kar'fi with 2 torpedo's in front, and 2 torpspread so i even profit of the 25% torp dmg bonus that set gives. So for my carrier built that was the obvious choice anyway. not sure if torpedos are as usefull for vo'quv, since it's turnrate is like half of that of the kar'fi, and you cant use 2 torpedo abilities, but i can't see omega set being superior in that situation to the high aux powers the honor guard gives you.