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03-20-2012, 08:35 AM
Some valid thoughts in your post.

Has it ever entered the mind though, that the reason so mnay KDF fans do Ker'rat for just PvP and the PvP ques (or just do not play at all after DOffing) is not becuase there is just not enough to do but also becuase they have done that little which they have so many times that even it has become beyond boring and repetitiuos?

If the Devs want clean plates they need to offer more fare than they currently do to the KDF to give them the appetite to clean thier plates.
The feds do not suffer this in my eyes and I have many choices to allieviate the pattern of my grind when I play my fed. That does not exist on my Klingon.
I agree with everything you're saying.

I think the target of a KDF strategy has to be centered on increasing the number of disgruntled KDF players before the ones we have now can be gruntled.

The midterm strategy here, I think, is to increase the number of unhappy KDF players in total before the current ones can be made happy.