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03-20-2012, 08:57 AM
Good idea... here's my attempt to get this started:

This build is designed to provide max DPS for STFs… should be fantastic for burning down probes and static borg installations.

Odyssey Science Cruiser
F: Dual Beam Bank, Torpedo, 2x Cannons
R: 4x Turrets

Use MACO set if possible, to give your skills an additional 5% cooldown boost. Or use the OMEGA set for tetyron glider… this has a lot of rapid-fire energy weapons to take advantage of that.

E: EPS Console, 3x Neutronium Consoles (possibly 2x/2x instead of 1x/3x)
S: Borg Console, Worker Bees, +35% Shield, Flow Capacitors (use flow cap console only if you use Tety or Polaron weapons – or the OMEGA set - it boosts the extra effect)
T: 2x +DAM Consoles (depending on your flavor of energy weapons)

Duty Officers:
3x Technician
2x Photonic Officer

Bridge Officers:
Tac: TT, CSV, BO3
Tac: TS (or HYT?), AP:B
Eng: EP2A, Aux2EmBat, DEM2, RSP3

So, obviously use EP2A right before Aux2EmBat, use aux-based healing (TSS/HE) while Aux2EmBat is NOT running.