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03-20-2012, 09:06 AM
Originally Posted by Staran View Post
They never needed the "new techs" and "redo the old zone/mobs/ai/costume for everything involved with the fe. If cryptic wants to, go ahead. But don't include it in the timeline. Well told fe's don't need that. This is star trek. Some of the best episodes didn't involve anything special. Just good storytelling.
Cryptic is running into the "bigger, better, louder" pushing the envelope problem and doesn't want to do fe's because of this fake cost. Use the foundry toolset and continue the story!!!!
I don't disagree but you've just hit on a hot button political issue in the gaming industry and while Bioware is an extremist group on one side, I think Cryptic is staffed by some extremists in the David Jaffe camp. Check out his DICE 2012 keynote. Not gonna link it because it contains NSFW language.

Jaffe has points but I think there's some stuff he just plain doesn't get and I want to actually start a dialogue.

Game design is polarized. Some of these folks shut down and nerd rage against the very idea of story and I think there's internal resistance at Cryptic that prevents the kind of thing you describe.

The problem is that there are more than two viewpoints but Jaffe-types and Bioware are dominating the dialogue and people seem skeptical about any position that contends that story vs. gameplay spectrums are not an accurate model, are fueled by a false understanding of story and Aristotle's poetics that have been perpetrated since Gutenberg, a warped view pushed by Hollywood that has corrupted gaming narratology.

Warren Spector -- of Deus Ex and Epic Mickey -- knows where it's at, more or less. But his views are not widely held yet and bad academics keep steering this discussion back into unproductive circles by regurgitating film school ideas about storytelling... And/or opposing film school ideas about storytelling.

From a PRODUCTION standpoint, I think Cryptic could borrow more from TV and film. But from a narrative standpoint, you need to stop promoting or opposing film ideas about storytelling, which are wrongheaded and based around over glorified directors telling non-collaborative stories.

The problem is with film, not with story but gaming -- and I suspect, Cryptic -- is full of people with an extreme anti-story bias that is unproductive and unhelpful.