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03-20-2012, 09:42 AM
Originally Posted by Armsman View Post
I'd say they have a schedule, but I'll also say they're not going to announce anything until VERY near release as one of the things most people felt regarding DStahl's Engineering Reports was that he promised a lot of thing that were 'coming'; but due to various reasons ultimately didn't make it into the game.

Thus I wouldb't be surprised if going forward, Cryptic will be like every other MMO developwer now, and obnly annnouce something new when it's a few days away from going live on the main, or the test server.

The fact people are already screaming 'it's another content drought' a week after a 5 part FE series concluded just underscores the fact that if they announce something that doesn't come to pass; those who just like to bash the game will have a field day.

I too am really dissapoint that the future of FEs is up in the air, as I don't see how something that brings players into the game (and this last one did just that with queues of 1600+ over the weekends they were running) is somehow not a good use of Dev resources; but again, overall actual communication about any new substancial content (and I know Heretic is putting new Doff stuff into the game at a fairly constant pace; but for example, the 'Department Head System' that was supposed to launch soon after the actual Doff system hasn't been mentioned by anyone Dev side in a while.)

But, overall, I think the way te F2P conversion was handled, and the length of time between actual mission content has soured some people to the point that all they want to do at this point is bash the game and Cryptic - and nothing Cryptic does will be enough to make then 'happy' again.

And while I myself don't really identify with those that are really into wanting to play the KDF - I DO feel that at this point they deserve and absolutely honest and upfront answer as to the future conten t expansion of their faction, and NOT the contant and very vague:

"We're still disscussing KDF options with PWE..."

Which has been the standard answer un the latest round of interviews. I do agree the HAVE been strung along again with a lot of promises from SD'Angelo, Stormshade (who did say that the "Klingon Content patch" (tm) would be coming and he wouldn't have posted this info if he hadn't been assured by multiple members of teh Dev team; and DStahl himself right after the Cryptic purchase from PWE was announced.

So, at this point, saying:

"We're still disscussing KDF options with PWE..."

Comes across to me as:

"Sorry, PWE changed their minds as to PvE expansion of the KDF"

BUT, again, at this point Cryptic needs to just come clean and give a definative answer as to the future of the KDF one way or the other; because to consistently say:

"Yes, we at Cryptic want a full KDF faction, and it's coming..." for 2+ years is just plain ridiculous. I do realize that Cryptic probably WOULD indeed like a full KDF faction, so that part of their statement is honest; but (IMO) they need to just come out and say what they'll be able to deliver with ragard to the KDF and be upfront about it, and STOP saying "A full KDF faction is coming", when everything done up to this point (the most recent being starting LDF players at Level 21) points to this never coming to pass.

[And again, I'm not a big fan of the KDF - even though I do have a Level 50 engineer; but to constantly and consistently string a portion of the STO playerbase for whom this is a very important issue with regard to their enjoyment of STO with consistenly vague answers is just wrong.]
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