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Now, STO being an f2p game, and indeed a game with an associated forum at its most basic, it's reasonable to assume, and so far said forum has lived up to the fact, that 85% of the posters on the forum are either Trolls, people completely inept that assume they know everything, or whiners making a big deal out of minor issue A or game item B that doesn't make them instantly win in every scenario, which therefore must be broken and need to be fixed. General facts a general observer can take from these forums are that : Cryptic's only out to make money and never listens to feedback, every ship in the game is broken somehow, nobody that runs normal STF's knows what they're doing (I take special offense to that one as I think I do a good job of trying to do my best), and that most people that play the game are terrible at it. But none of this is new to me. In fact it's very similar to the World of Tanks forum.
As a rule of thumb I find that the more exclamation points and CAPITAL LETTERS a person uses in the post THE LESS SERIOUSLY YOU SHOULD TAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, getting to the real point of my post, I'm looking for some good suggestions for who usually rights good posts. I've read up on the "STF Escort Build Thread" and I recognize that that's a good source and when I get an advanced escort I plan to use it. I know Roach writes some funny but simultaneously useful things, although I don't believe I have seen any threads authored by him recently. I remember something about Pandas. While I realize there's no real way to gauge how reliable a post is by reading the main post, I'm looking for some input on who to look out for and, when I see a post by those people, say "Yeah, that's probably reliable." Who do you usually see as a good source for advice, FED or KDF?